Clonezilla said it cloned successfully but it did not for sure

  • Martin Pisz

    Martin Pisz - 2016-11-09

    I am trying to clone a disc with two partitions with windows 10 installed on one of them onto an extrenal drive. One partition is like 500Mb and the other is 2TB. They are on a 4 TB drive which is on an old BIOS/MBR system. The rest of the 4TB disk is unused. The 2TB Partition uses ~40GB of space for the OS and everything. I performed a clone like I did on 5 other computers in beginners mode with some using UEFI/GPT and some BIOS/MBR with no problems. Here the 2TB partition it only sees 255Mb of data on the NTFS system. When It completes the clone it varifies the clone and it says everything completed successfully. Ity only takes a few seconds to backup all of 40GB of data on the second partition and then just as quick if not faster to check it. In the end it says the drvie was cloned successsfully but the folder with the disc is 20MB is size and it should be like ~20GB with compression I figure and the cloning process took seconds instead of hours like on the other system. Even though it says everything is OK I am sure it is not. I have used successfully clonizilla on many different systems with no problem to extrenal drive and samba network. Even on this system I have ubuntu btrfs on another drive 1TB drive and it completes the backup normally but the windows partion is a problem. I think 4TB drive on old BIOS/MBR setup is the problem, how do I get around it?

  • Martin Pisz

    Martin Pisz - 2016-11-10

    I checked the filesystem and it works fine.

    Last edit: Martin Pisz 2016-11-10
  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2016-11-16

    Please provide the /var/log/clonezilla.log and /var/log/partclone.log. It will be easier to understand what's happened there.


  • Martin Pisz

    Martin Pisz - 2016-11-19

    In ubuntu the windows partition with files is seen fine and shows 1.5TB in size. I attached a copy of clonezilla.log and partclone.log files.

  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2016-11-27

    From the log:
    Partclone v0.2.89
    Starting to clone device (/dev/sda2) to image (-)
    Reading Super Block
    we need memory: 67101060 bytes
    image head 4160, bitmap 67092800, crc 4100 bytes
    Calculating bitmap... Please wait... done!
    File system: NTFS
    Device size: 2.2 TB = 536742399 Blocks
    Space in use: 255.1 MB = 62288 Blocks
    Free Space: 2.2 TB = 536680111 Blocks
    Block size: 4096 Byte
    Total block 536742399

    Looks like partclone detects only 255.1 MB are used in /dev/sda2. You mentioned this partition contains OS. So this is abnormal... We never have this issue, and no one reported similar issue in the past.
    Maybe do a "chkdsk" on MS Windows before you reboot it to Clonezilla live?


  • Martin Pisz

    Martin Pisz - 2016-12-09

    Just an update. I run chkdsk and still did not solve the problem. However when running Gparted in ubuntu it only sees 241.1 Mb used on that hard drive so maybee it's a hard disk issue. Jet I can access and read all the files on the drive.

  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2016-12-11

    Do you use something like "fusion drive"? If so, you have to release it.
    If it's not, then I have no idea why it is detected wrongly.



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