Clonezilla 2.2.3-20 seems to get confused by out of order logical partitions or 4th partition

  • Tony Bailey

    Tony Bailey - 2014-06-23

    A 320 GB harddrive I'm trying to clone to a 500 GB harddrive looks something like this:
    sda1 200 MB NTFS boot partition (MBR boot w GRUB chained multiboot)
    sda2 200 GB NTFS prim W7 partition
    sda3 Ext'd partition (type 12)
    sda6 FAT32
    sda8 Linux Swap
    sda7 Linux
    sda5 NTFS
    sda4 "Compaq Diagnostics Partition" (OEM Lenovo_part restore partition)
    (don't have my notes, might have the EXT'd partition types mixed up).

    I let Clonezilla try to do the partitioning, but in the Expert mode, copying the partition size, not expanding it. It failed to create the 3rd EXT'd partition and the 4th partition, giving an error can't allocate or attempt to allocate outside of disk. The first two partitions seemed to clone
    OK, but it broke when trying to fill partition 4 (didn't exist on new disk), then part. 3 (also
    not there).

    Is it because of the odd order of the logical partitions, or partition 4 being an OEM partition?
    Should I try to manually create part. 4 and 3?


  • Tony Bailey

    Tony Bailey - 2014-06-24

    Seems like that wasn't the problem. My new WD5000LPVX drive is an "Advanced Function" drive with a logical and physical sector size of 4096. The sfdisk command returns a result which says the partition table has been created, but I checked the disk afterward and no table was created (maybe have to do a synch/flush to commit it?). Anyway, I'll play with the drive and check the WD site to see if I can get it so "logical 512 B sector emulation".
    Not certain why Ubuntu recognized the 1st 2 partitions, though. W7 doesn't have any problems formatting or using the drive.


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