Cloning drive with bad sectors

Bob Sage
  • Bob Sage

    Bob Sage - 2016-12-18

    So I am trying to clone a failing HD using clonezilla. This drive is 3TB and cloning to another 3TB. After almost 10 days of cloning the operation failed saying "partclone fail". I think it's because it hit a bad block. I am thinking of starting the clone again but this time with the "-rescue" parameter. Does anyone have experience with this and know if this will work? Is there any other parameters I should check in this situation?

  • Bob Sage

    Bob Sage - 2016-12-18

    Also, does clonezilla, copy the files one by one on an NTFS drive? On my partially recovered drive, many videos were watchable because it looks like they were fully recovered, but some seemed corrupted. Could this be because clonzilla does not attempt to fully copy one file at once and copies bits of many files out of order? And the ones that were corrupted just didnt have all of their bits copied over yet since the clone was stopped half way through?

  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2016-12-25

    If you have bad blocks, it's recommended to use ddrescue to dump the data. The --rescue option of Clonezilla is not really as powerful as ddrescue is.



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