Boot from cdrom on the IMAC

  • Ferro Pierluigi

    Ferro Pierluigi - 2016-10-14

    Hi, I would like to make an image on the network drive with clonezilla ... I have a linux server where I installed clonezilla DRBL, and the client is just waiting for some colleagues, that if only from my IMAC launch live cdrom boot and I click on IPXE as a last option I get this error ... it is possible to solve the problem? or else there is another way to create the network via the MAC DRBL disk image on my server?
    a clarification ... if the cd rom is internal to the MAC everything works ... not only work if the cdrom is an external usb. the exact error I send it as an attachment

    Thanks and good job

    Last edit: Ferro Pierluigi 2016-10-14
  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2016-10-15

    This is ver weird. Only works for the internal CD, but not working for the external CD.
    Did you try to use different version of iPXE?


  • Ferro Pierluigi

    Ferro Pierluigi - 2016-10-15

    I think the problem is the fact usb ... it gives me the same error with a pen drive ... it's weird ver weird


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