Leading 1016KB partition confuses Clonezilla

1 day ago
  • John Brearley

    John Brearley - 2017-01-06

    Hi: I have been hitting an issue for over a year now with one of my Win 7 PC, whereby Clonezilla is trying to put a large partition into a very small partition. Today, using Expert Mode with -k2 option to manually create the partitions, I was able to work around the issue and make a bootable copy of my source drive. First I will show a screenshot of the debian parted list of partitions from the source drive:

    The very first partition is what seems to be confusing the issue. If I use beginner mode, or manually create 4 partitions on the destination /dev/sdb as per /dev/sda shown above, Clonezilla skips over this first little partition and starts by trying to copy the source 105MB partition into the new destination 1016KB partition, which obviously fails. Then Clonezilla tries to copy the source 1000GB partion into the new destination 105MB partition, which obvously fails.

    My manual workaround, using the -k2 option to directly access parted, was to leave blank space on the disk for the 1016KB partition, but not actually create it. I then created only the 105MB partion and 1000GB partitions. Then Clonezilla correctly copied the source 105MB partition to the destination 105MB partition and same for the 1000GB partition. The exact parted commands I used are:

    • type: parted /dev/sdb
    • type: mklabel msdos
    • type: mkpart primary ntfs 1049kb 106mb # leaves first 1048KB free for whatever...
    • NB: DONT mkpart primary 32.3kb 1049kb, this one seems to be what is confusing Clonezilla!
      • By only making 2 partitions, things line up size when partition copies start
    • type: set 1 boot on
    • type: mkpart primary ntfs 106mb 100% # takes all remaining space for last partition
    • type: quit

    When I was done, the disk partions, as seen by Windows diskpart.exe, looked like this:

    Has anyone else seen this issue?

    BTW: I was using Clonezilla V2.505, Win 7, Intel i7-4770S, 16GB RAM

  • ndog37

    ndog37 - 5 days ago

    clonezilla does not support dynamic disks, therefore I suggest you would be better to use macrium reflect or some windows PE based solution

  • John Brearley

    John Brearley - 1 day ago

    I dont know why Windows7 set up my disk as dynamic instead of basic. Clonezilla does work fine when I use the -k2 option and manually set up the partitions. The resulting disk is correctly copied and will boot the PC. I can see that copying a volume that spans multiple physical drives would pose challenges. However a volume on a single partition works fine.


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