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#188 alternate live has video problems on Dell R610; also got a corrupt disk

dan pritts


I ran into a bug with the video on the Alternate Stable version (clonezilla-live-20130819-raring-amd64.iso). Once I booted the system, I got pink blocks that alternated position.

Rebooting without the video= option from the kernel command line fixed the problem. The debian-based stable booted fine, but did not have drivers for my ethernet card.

Perhaps the liveCD should not have any video options at all? use the lowest common denominator VGA?

At the least it should have a grub option without the video options.

Additionally, once I finished cloning, my system would not boot. Windows hung after about 5 seconds of the splash screen. Here is a timeline:

  • reboot to install patches: sometime in previous 2-4 weeks. Boots OK.
  • clean shutdown for clone
  • boot debian version, boots ok but no ethernet
  • boot ubuntu version, blocky video.
  • reboot ubuntu version without video=. Successfully clone disk. However, a restoration of this image does not boot, so system is broken by now.
  • try to boot windows, hangs.

I cannot definitively blame the failed ubuntu boot for breaking my system. It is a production server so I cannot try to reproduce. I realize this is not the most useful bug report, but I wanted to let you know what happened in case someone else runs into this problem.

Attaching the various small files from the successful image.

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  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2013-09-13
    • assigned_to: Steven Shiau

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