#176 Clonezilla fails to restoreparts to blank drive


This may be a re-discovery/re-emergence of bug #101 at https://sourceforge.net/p/clonezilla/bugs/101/?page=1

Using clonezilla-live-2.0.1-15-i686-pae.iso to saveparts and then restoreparts a disk to a new BLANK disk failed, requiring manual intervention to create a dummy partition table.

Steps to reproduce (similar to #101) :-

Backed up original drive (sda1, sda2) successfully with saveparts, no issue here.

Inserted new empty drive to system, seen as sda

Began to set up for an NFS restore.

[Network and Share questions]
In "Expert" mode
Picked "Restoreparts"
Picked directory to restore FROM on NFS server.

Was shown a list of drives in my RAID array (sdb, sdc, sdd, sde ...) with no entry for sda (the actual target drive wanted)

Aborted at this point!

Over on the 2nd console :-

sudo su -
parted /dev/sda
mklabel msdos
mkpart primary (start1) (end1) with details taken from /home/partimag/sda-pt.sf
mkpart primary (start2) (end2) and again ...

(I believe the mkparts may have been unnecessary, I just needed to get a partition table on there at all, even an empty one?)

Retrying the restore I'm now shown sda1, sda2 as potential restore targets, as well as sdb, sdc ...

At the "-k" option section, I picked "Use partition table from image" to clear up any error I made above in manually creating.

Restore then proceeded correctly, restoring partition table correctly too. (Volume ID went from 0x00000000 before to 0xANOTHERVALUE after)


  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2013-05-10

    OK, this issue is because when you choose "-k", the action won't be executed right after that dialog, so the the partitions in the blank disk won't be shown in next dialog...
    Of course we can create partitions right after "-k" is chosen. However, it's risky... We will think about how to make that. If you have any good idea, please let us know.


  • Mike

    Mike - 2013-05-10

    I didn't choose "-k". Please look at this again.

    Unfortunately in the GUI, there is no way to get to the "-k" option. The restore process is only offering me totally inappropriate drives to restore to and threatening to trash my RAID array. I aborted there, for obvious reasons.

    See the ordering of the prompts I answered above.

    Obviously you can't do the "create partitions" until you've established WHICH DRIVE to create them on. But in the step where to pick WHICH DRIVE to restore to, the drive I want is not shown due to the blank (non) partition table.

    One idea would be, when it does the "partition scan" and asks "where to restore TO", for it to list (as well as sdb1, sdc1, sdd1), for example, just [sda] or [sda0] : with a NO PARTITIONS warning -- that way you could at least get past this step to the place where it asks -- "what do you want to do about partitions then"?

    Or ... to paraphrase your reply with 3 minor edits to reflect the ordering problem.

    "OK, this issue is because when you haven't yet chosen "-k", the action won't be executed right after that dialog that you can't get to, so the the partitions in the blank disk won't be shown in the previous dialog..."

    Last edit: Mike 2013-05-11
  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2013-05-15

    We will try to implement that. However, since you already have a workaround to do that. The priority to implement this will be low.
    If you have patch about this, welcome.



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