#119 multiple grub.cfg files, dual boot ubuntu Windows 7

Leo List

I had a problem where the cloned disk booted into Windows 7 ok, but failed with file/kernel not found errors for Ubuntu

When I had a closer look at the option before booting (by choosing e at the at the menu section) I realised that the original system boots kernel, while the cloned system boot!!!! That kernel doesn't exists anymore on my system.

How is this possible? After trawling the net for two days I found a note saying that grub.cfg is the only file that gets copied during the cloning. How does Clonezilla know where it is; the note said that clonezilla searches all partitions for a grub.cfg file (no indication what happens when you have more than one for some reason).

So I went back and booted into my working system and found that I had 2 grub.cfg files

One in /boot/grub (the one the working system uses)
One on /boot/boot/grub (the dud one)

Ignoring the reason as to why there is a /boot/boot/grub directory, I have now removed that directory so there is only on grub.cfg file.

Cloning the system works as I'm now posting this bug report from the cloned system

I'm using Ubuntu 10.10, Windows 7 and the alternative CloneZilla LiveCD, 20110113-Maverick.

I will clone this disk again and will let you know the outcome, but am pretty sure it will work.


  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2011-06-30
    • assigned_to: nobody --> steven_shiau
    • status: open --> pending-postponed
  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2011-06-30

    Thanks for filing this bug report.
    This case will be very difficult to fix. Since we have no idea which grub.cfg is the working one, unless we do more files search and parse the files and grub.cfg.
    It can be done, however, since this is not really a common case, so...
    Patches are welcome.


  • Leo List

    Leo List - 2011-06-30
    • status: pending-postponed --> open-postponed
  • Leo List

    Leo List - 2011-06-30

    I think the fix should be pretty simple as they only correct grub.cfg is in /boot/grub (ie. there is/should be no /boot/boot/...). I think it is always in boot/grub, but don't know enough about grub/linux to be sure.

    The way it looks is that the current search for grub.cfg in clonezilla looks for any grub.cfg.

  • Steven Shiau

    Steven Shiau - 2011-06-30

    So in your case, are /boot and /boot/boot/ in the same partition?
    If so, Clonezilla won't choose /boot/boot/grub.cfg... no idea why this problem will happen...


  • Leo List

    Leo List - 2011-06-30

    Yes. I have a /boot partition to allow for dual boots and the rest of "/" on a software raid.

    For some reason the grub.cfg form /boot/boot/grub was the one that was used, hence the reason for my problems when booting the clone


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