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# Summary Milestone Status Component Priority
42 Error on FreeBSD: error: no member named 'tr1' in namespace 'std' 1.6 new source major  
41 Autotuning randomly freezes on Radeon R9 270 1.6 new source major  
39 Scan tuning should make blocks a multiple of compute units 1.6 new source minor  
36 Provide template type reflection API 1.6 new source minor  
34 clogs-tune segfaults on Intel OpenCL CPU runtime 14.1 and 14.2 1.6 new source major  
29 Optimise CPU implementation new source minor  
22 Improve sorting tests for all digits equal case new tests minor  
16 Optimize algorithms for small problem sizes 1.6 new source minor  
12 Allow scan to have separate input and output types 1.6 new source major  
10 Add test that exceptions can cross DLL boundary 1.6 new tests minor  
9 Support interleaved key-value pairs 1.7 new source major  
8 Cache compiled kernels 1.6 new source minor  
7 Support general multi-scan 1.6 new source major  
6 Support custom types for sort values 1.7 new source major  
5 Support custom reductions operation for scanning 1.7 new source major  
4 Support custom computation of sort keys and scan values 1.7 new source major  
3 Support a buffer offset for sorting and scanning 1.6 new source major  
2 Support radix sorting for floating-point values 1.6 new source major  
1 Support radix sorting for signed values 1.6 new source major  
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