How to test CLIPS buildup on Linux/Unix

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-02-22

    Hi all,

    I managed to install CLIPS 6.30 on my Linux system, but I want to utilise CLIPS's existing test function to testing whether it's running correctly. Does it have an existing test function? How to use it? By 'make test'?



  • Gary Riley

    Gary Riley - 2011-02-22

    The test suite is in the svn repository here:

    To run the tests, launch CLIPS in the same directory and execute a (batch "testall.tst") command. When execution completes you can look at the *.rsl files for the results. If difference occurs you can use a diff program to compare the associate output file (.out) with the expected output file (.exp).

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2011-02-22

    Hi garyrilley,

    Thank you for your timely reply. Actually, I have tried the test suite you mentioned before I posted my question on the forum - I copied the entire folder 'test_suite' to my compiled CLIPS project directory, and then ran ./testall.tst in the command line. But an error message says:

    ./testall.tst: line 1: set-dynamic-constraint-checking: command not found
    ./testall.tst: line 2: set-sequence-operator-recognition: command not found
    ./testall.tst: line 3: set-static-constraint-checking: command not found
    ./testall.tst: line 4: set-reset-globals: command not found
    ./testall.tst: line 5: set-auto-float-dividend: command not found
    ./testall.tst: line 6: set-fact-duplication: command not found
    ./testall.tst: line 7: set-incremental-reset: command not found
    ./testall.tst: line 8: set-salience-evaluation: command not found
    ./testall.tst: line 9: set-strategy: command not found
    The files /Users/***/SVNCheckout/try/test_suite/Results/testall.rsl, /Users/***/SVNCheckout/try/test_suite/testall, and /Users/***/SVNCheckout/try/test_suite/w do not exist.
    ./testall.tst: line 11: printout: command not found

    ./testall.tst: line 13: release-mem: command not found
    ./testall.tst: line 14: syntax error near unexpected token `('
    ./testall.tst: line 14: `(printout testall "Memory use: " (mem-used) crlf)'

    What's wrong?


  • Gary Riley

    Gary Riley - 2011-02-22

    To run the tests, launch CLIPS in the same directory and execute a (batch "testall.tst") command.

    $ ./clips
             CLIPS (Quicksilver Beta 5/31/08)
    CLIPS> (batch testall.tst)
  • Oliver

    Oliver - 2011-03-02

    Hi Gary.

    I get a little confusion here. The autotools provides us a 'make check' function to test our buildups of projects. And it runs usually after installation and before launch the executable. However, CLIPS's self test suite operates on CLIPS> command line. It seems the self test suite works separately from 'make check' by using own test packages.

    Is that right?

    Or can I integrate the CLIPS existing test suite into 'make check' target?

    Thank you.


  • Gary Riley

    Gary Riley - 2011-03-03

    I'm not familiar with autotools or "make check". The test cases are designed to work in non-unix environments, so I haven't done any work to integrate them with the makefile.

  • Oliver

    Oliver - 2011-05-02

    Thanks for your reply Gary.

    I tried to embed the test instances into CLIPS, but as the Advanced Programming Guide (APG) mentions, I have to recompile all source codes with the new function, and relink all object codes to build a new executable.

    But is there a way that we can fire this rule / run this command "(batch testall.tst)" in the test suite, but without launching the CLIPS executable? i.e. I don't want to run ./clips first and then type this command, I want to write it to makefile as well.

    Probably that could be writing a C file which can pass this command to CLIPS?

    Thank you for help.

  • Gary Riley

    Gary Riley - 2011-05-18


       clips -f testall.tst

    This functionality is described in section 2.1.2 of the Basic Programming Guide, Automated Command Entry and Loading

    2.1.2 Automated Command Entry and Loading


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