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Last Beta Release 1-1-09

This is the last release of this code base and we are now focusing on our Enterprise solution. This release contains some significant improvements and enhancements. DD-WRT devices can now be graphed as well as HP Procurve switches have been added. Thanks again for everyone's patches, input and support, and most of all have a Happy New Year!

Posted by RichRumble 2009-01-02

Newest Release 4.20

We've released our final beta version, after this we will put out Release Candidates, and then final production ready versions. We are preparing our websites to accommodate the influx of email and questions we've received, thanks for everyone's feedback! This version has more documentation, minor bug fixes, lots of added features, and more. As always please send us a note if you have a question or comment.... read more

Posted by RichRumble 2008-08-27

Newest Release is out!

It's been about a month, and we've taken feedback from everyone who downloaded and tried our product, and we've improved upon it based on the feedback!
Were very excited about this release, the added features and bug fixes, thanks again to all of you who contacted us, we promise more good things to come!

Posted by RichRumble 2008-08-08

Happy Independence/Release Day

The procrastination is over, we are offering our first public Beta as of July 4th 2008! We've been inundated with emails and we are happy we can now tell them where they can go... the download section here on!
A Long Overdue Enterprise Network Management Sytem (Aloe NMS for short) awaits anyone who wants a NMS that does the work for them, rather than doing the work for the NMS. While other tools are similar, we feel the user and especially administration experience is better than anything else! Please feel free to contact us with your questions and comments!

Posted by RichRumble 2008-07-05

Official ClearSite Release

We've procrastinated enough, the official release date is July 1st 2008. In these coming weeks look for documentation and updates to the development site and other ALOENMS pages and our blog. Thanks again for all your emails and questions, keep them comming!
This release is Linux only, but should be no problem to port to windows, and we will do that in the second release later this year.

Posted by RichRumble 2008-06-06

Day Jobs and Delays

There are only two of us coding and working on ClearSite, and we both have day jobs that are keeping us from finishing our first release. We are working on the install script, requirements and documentation. We must apologize for the delay, and every time I look at the analytics for our project and websites, I get more and more anxious to finish the release. The good news is, one of us is loosing their job soon, so there should be more free time to work on this :) Please stay tuned!

Posted by RichRumble 2008-04-04