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Classycle V1.3.2 - a bug fix release

The new minor release of Classycle fixes a bug concerning cases where external and internal classes are from the same package.

Posted by Franz-Josef Elmer 2008-03-17

Classycle becomes Java Generics aware

The new major release of Classycle (version 1.3) detects dependencies between Java classes caused by Java Generics which couldn't been detected by previous versions.

Classycle (a tool for analysing dependencies between Java classes) searches the constant pool of a class file for finding out on which other classes the analysed class depend on. The new version of Classycle analyses also Java Generics signature information placed by the compiler.

Posted by Franz-Josef Elmer 2006-10-01

Classycle 1.2 has a bunch of new features.

Most of the new features of Classycle 1.2 belongs to the DependencyChecker:
1. Using and defining properties in the dependency definition files.
2. Checking whether sets are empty or not (useful for revealing spelling errors in set definitions).
3. Checking absence of large class/package cycles.

In addition it is now possible to merge inner classes with their outer class. Thus, purely inner class cycles are no longer listed in the report.

Posted by Franz-Josef Elmer 2006-04-10

Classycle 1.1.1 released

The new release of Classycle - an analysing Tools for Java class and package dependencies - generates an improved XML/HTML report:
1) Cycles are sorted in accordance to their size.
2) Classes/packages are linked to the cycle they belong to.

Posted by Franz-Josef Elmer 2005-06-05

Classycle 1.1 released: Checking layer architectures

The new major release of Classycle has a new tool: DependencyChecker.

It detects unwanted dependencies between sets of classes. Depedency checking commands are defined in text files using a simple syntax. They are powerful commands for checking whether a layer architecture is broken or not.

DependencyChecker runs from command line or as an Ant task.

The new release is able to deal with class references caused by reflection.... read more

Posted by Franz-Josef Elmer 2004-11-28

New Classycle release with Ant task

Classycle 1.0 now with Ant task to generate analysis reports! Classes (like JUnit test classes) can be excluded from the analysis.

Posted by Franz-Josef Elmer 2004-07-02

Classycle 0.9999

The new Classycle now analyses also package dependencies and cycles. It goes beyond JDepend and it has a better package cycle detector.

Posted by Franz-Josef Elmer 2004-06-11

Classycle 0.999

New major release with a new features which helps to improve OO design.

Posted by Franz-Josef Elmer 2003-05-25

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