#283 Please bring back Shutdown and reboot on RDP connections


I miss, really miss, the shutdown and reboot button when using an remote desktop connection.
At least make it optional to have those buttons on an RDP session, it is so awkward to reboot the machine with "shutdown -r -t 0" or having to use "shutdown -s -t 0".
And in case of trying Windows 10 in a local Win 8.1 hyper-V session it behaved the same way, like it is an RDP session 'though it isn't one.
It is good to have "logoff" as default on an RDP session, that should be the standard, but shutdown & reboot are really needed.


  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2015-01-25

    There is a "Show Shutdown during remote sessions" setting. I don't know what version you are using, but in the latest it is in the Main Menu tab in the settings.

  • Joachim Otahal

    Joachim Otahal - 2015-01-25

    German 4.10 on Win8/Server 2012 or 4.20 on Windows 10..
    And you are right, the option is there.
    I was searching it over and over again, but now I found it once I knew in which tab I have to search and how the option is phrased.
    IMHO this option should be moved to "basic settings", maybe rephrased.

    Last edit: Joachim Otahal 2015-01-25

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