#268 add extension to explorer detail view columns


With the detail view in Explorer, I can add columns and sort after those. There are roughly 300 properties I can select - arbitrary and bizarre things like "Camera Manufacturer", "Telex" or "#" - but the single most important property of a file in windows, the extension - is not among them.

It'd be great if that embarrassing negligence could be cured by Classic Shell. Aiming to mend braindead design decisions, this would be a #1 must :)


  • xpclient

    xpclient - 2013-02-08

    Windows XP had the ability for developers to add custom columns (http://www.xrayz.co.uk/extension-column/) which was unfortunately removed in Windows Vista with no way to add columns now for all file types and for dynamic file system data like extension or size. Vista/7 support custom columns only per-file type basis and only for metadata that's stored inside the file I think. That said, Windows 8 does add a file extension column but you know how bad Windows 8 is. I would never think about using that shit just for a file extension column. We are stuck with a file types column in Vista/7.

  • thor heyerdahl

    thor heyerdahl - 2013-02-08

    Yeah, I knew about the shell extension interface in XP. Never occurred to me it could disappear. Thanks for all that info. You're right, hardly anything makes a switch to Windows 8 worthwhile. sigh.


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