#211 Metro icon jumps off taskbar


icon for the start button (I'm using the metro icon) sometimes jumps off the taskbar and sits just above it. the icon still changes shape as though I am hovering my pointer over it whether I am actually hovering over the icon or hovering where th icon is supposed to be. as soon as I click on it it jumps back to its proper location.
bug is difficult to replicate, but seems it might only occur after I have used the windows key to open the start (classic shell) menu.
I am using Windows 8.
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  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2012-12-18

    What screen resolution do you have? Is this a primary or secondary taskbar?
    Also, if you move the taskbar does the button reset its position?

  • dsto

    dsto - 2012-12-19

    1) res= 1600x900
    2) this is my only taskbar; only have one screen
    3) I duplicated the bug (still can't figure out precisely how) and tried moving the taskbar up (same position, twice the height) and the metro button popped into the appropriate place centered vertically in the taskbar

  • dsto

    dsto - 2012-12-19

    issue occured again without me using the windows key (to my knowledge). I think I can say it also may only jump off when I place my cursor over the icon. it also seems at one point it only jumped up one or two pixels, instead of the usual (per screenshot).
    this time I tried moving the taskbar to the right side of screen (vertical). metro icon popped into the appropriate place on taskbar as soon as it moved.

  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2012-12-21

    I don't see anything obvious in the code that may be causing this. The start button is repositioned only when the taskbar moves or when you change the button image from the settings.

    Is it possible this is linked to changing of the Windows theme?

    Also, do you have a tool like Spy++ that can determine the position and size of the start button when this happens? I want to understand if the button is the right size, or maybe it is 3 times taller and still "centered" relative to the taskbar.

  • xpclient

    xpclient - 2012-12-22

    Also, do you have other Start menu replacements installed? When I had Start8 installed, I had the Start button of CS appearing in the wrong position sometimes with both running.

  • dsto

    dsto - 2012-12-24

    I do not have Spy++ or any other Start menu replacements. This is a brand new computer I haven't even transferred any data or settings from my old computer yet (except what Google Chrome does automatically). Other than what was pre-installed by Lenovo (including Norton Internet Security 2013, this is a thinkpad t530), and changes in windows settings, updates, etc, the only things I changed about the computer are installing the following programs:

    Google Chrome
    Microsoft Office 2007
    Adobe CS3 Design Premium
    Pinnacle Studio 15

    and the following from Ninite in one installer package:
    Java 7
    Java x64 7
    Google Earth
    Classic Start

  • Ivo Beltchev

    Ivo Beltchev - 2012-12-24

    OK, I tihnk the only option left is to create a custom build with extra diagnostics. It will take me a few days. Please do 2 things for me:
    1) Install the latest version 3.6.4 so we are dealing with the same code
    2) Send me an email to classicshell@ibeltchev.com. Let me know which version of Windows 8 you are using. I will respond with the new build when it is ready.

  • Hydren

    Hydren - 2015-06-24

    I know how to reproduce the issue:

    -Activate the menu either by clicking or using the windows key
    -Close the menu
    -Drag the mouse near the button, at the upper right side of it, and drag the mouse under the menu in a curved trajectory, like a mirrowed L
    -The button should jump as high as fast you made the curve.


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