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  • rafa

    rafa - 2007-02-09

    Hello friends, I like to configure classicladder.
    In the program is one tab "config" in hear as type of device "DirectPortAcess" and addres of input and output, my parport is 0x378.
    I dont execute my program, "leds no on" im my protoboard. You can help-me?

    • Marc Le Douarain

      To be able to access directly to the i/o ports addresses, the classicladder program must be launched as root, from a terminal:
      then ./classicladder your_project_name
      sudo ./classicladder your_project_name

      Else you will have an error message if io access not possible... but only visible if the program has been launched from a terminal ! (too bad...)

      Bye, bye.

    • rafa

      rafa - 2007-03-12

      Friend, i need run classiladder witt normal user (no root), what i do it?

      • Marc Le Douarain

        It will not be possible to use the "DirectPortAccess" mode to read/write an i/o address, without being root !
        Using the comedi drivers would be a possibility, but it's quite well a challenge to install it on Linux... not really easy for a newbee. But it's the solution for now with the current classicladder version.

        Else, a parallel port acess (using the driver) should be developped for a clean read/write as a normal user... (I don't know the amount of work it is, perhaps not too much...?)

        What the problem with being root ? ;-)


        Marc 'MaVaTi' Le Douarain.

    • rafa

      rafa - 2007-03-26

      Hello friend Mavatti, thanks for all. I like to know if is possible to acquire dates of Classicladder to Lintouch (one program for supervisory, SCADA).

    • Marc Le Douarain

      I've replyed to your question in the "open discussion" forum, then "modbus RTU" topic, with subject "Modbus server for SCADA connection"...
      Please next time preferably create a new topic with a clear subject of the problem.
      Hope it helps.



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