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CL-SDL version 0.2.0 released

CL-SDL is a foreign language interface for Common Lisp to the SDL and OpenGL libraries.

This release has much more complete SDL, SDL_mixer, SDL_audio, and SDL_ttf bindings. Also, a new Lispier interface has been created for more convenience.

Posted by Matthew Danish 2002-12-19

CL-SDL version 0.1.0 released

CL-SDL is a Common Lisp library that provides bindings to the SDL and OpenGL libraries, with the goal of being as portable across all platforms and implementations as possible.

This release marks the initial alpha release of the newly revamped development tree, which uses the UFFI project to gain portability, has a great deal of clean-ups, more bindings than before, and many more demos.

Posted by Matthew Danish 2002-12-08

UFFI version of CL-SDL

An UFFI version of CL-SDL can be downloaded from CVS. Are tarball will be coming in the near future. All future development will be on the UFFI version (at least my (aerique's) development).

Posted by Erik Winkels 2002-11-29