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Project out of Maintanence

due to new and updated os-systems the project won't be supported any more in the future

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2008-09-25

stable v07 with integrated Plug In Engine

integrated plug-in engine (examples included) for remote administration and completly custom administration possible

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2003-03-23

stable v07 is launched

new release is out now with tag out of the cvs repository. bugs fixed: ftp-gateway bug! web-server bug with files of 0 kb. winsock-pool upgrade

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2003-03-05

stable v06 will be launched

give me 1 week - perhaps somebody can test the apps (downloadable via anonymous cvs or webcvs)

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2003-01-02

Http-Server now supports keep-alive

version 6 will now support keep-alive connections 'improved performance'!
+ $DOCROOT can be set individually
+ Virtual Paths
+ RAS-Connections can be sorted

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2003-01-02

Set Bios Wakeup RTC from within Win2k/xp

i've added some functionality to set the wakeup time in the bios to save power for your proxy server. it' experimental and will be an extra add-on, because not every bios supports the same registers... try my best in the next release

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-11-28

Openssl fails gpl

i'm very disapp. to report, that i'll not publish the openssl version of the cina proxy, because it's breaking the gpl license in the point that the openssl library is not an operating system essential on windows like on debian. so you'll have to make your own https and ssl implementation. sorry for that. i think there are several other linked libraries in the cina proxy project, but they all came from M$ and so they are real os-libraries - that don't need to recompile

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-11-28


now analyzing apachebench application for gzip support in web-server...

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-11-26

Crypt Api

some errors with connecting more instances via crypt layered sockets... fised some time

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-11-26


Now i'm adding OpenSSL functionality for Secure HTTPS Server, FTP and the Remote Admin Port. I need some time, but i'm sure i'll get it. not so many projects vb and openssl out there - new challenge! do you want to help??

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-11-26

RAS-Connection Order

Functionality added: Now the Admin Tool supports ordering the Ras-Connections - so you can manipulate which connection will be reached first.

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-11-26

ISP Proxy supported

in the next release there will be support for ISP Proxies. see cvs tarball (latest version)

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-11-26

new stable v5 out now

fixed memory leack problem on nt, fixed winsock pool implementation, fixed multiple server platforms, fixed virtual mappings (webserver), improved logging features available by registry setting, gzip output-handler added for web-server

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-10-15

msi installer ERROR on nt 4.0

i've hidden the installer packages, because of an unknown error that is caused of a replace of the ws2_32.dll file in system32 folder - i'll fix it in next release...

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-10-08

STABLE V05 launch is in progress

new functions are: improved performance, tested under win98/95, telnet problem solved and many more... so check this out... it's coming in the next week ... before you can access it by cvs

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-10-01

source tarball now available

so feel free to modify the source and commit changes and better ways or perhaps you want to add yet another better remote admin tool... preneco

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-09-03

release 4 out now

now win9x/me/xp/2k compatible - i hope. the tlbs are deleted now but i cannot think that the proxy will now run under nt3/4.x please report it!

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-08-26

problems installing under XP

the api-function GlobalMemoryStatus compiled under W2k makes problems under XP (this is in the cXPLib.dll) I am working...

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-08-10

ntsvc.ocx and compile instructions added

ntsvc.ocx and compile instructions added to source distribution. check it out

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-08-09

stable v03 installer corrupt

sorry - the installer package was corrupted. the cxplib.dll was not up to date and so the proxy hangs under win xp. new release tommorrow planned.

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-08-08

new release uploading on wednesday this week

new stablev03, less bugs, more config, more stable, more tested, more docs, more features (ip-blocking, user-behavior proxy adblock per user configurable,stable httpproxy, smartremote added, ras.manager improved performance, virtual path mapping added ->web-server)

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-08-07

faqs added, planning new beta release

i've got really hurting feedback- so i'
m not so lucky. but thats ok. see new additions to the homepage. i'm a student and i have not so much time to support any questions pronto ...

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-06-29

added xml-features and a smart lan remote

xml-features for init and settings like tomcat and not the shitty binary form that takes a special app to manipulate... also added a smart lan remote client for changing and setting adblocker and cache per user, admin user and default user scheme added, new msi-file planned for remote and server package, installer skripts planned to distribute

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-06-26

windows installer package available

i 've just created a msi installer package -> so that you can use the binaries.

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-06-20

registration of 'cXPlib.dll'

it is neccessary to register this dll properly in the windows registry. i think i'll add a init routine or a small registry-utility or a smart *.reg file to make it easier for you. first of all i'm packing a win installer app.

Posted by Philipp Rothmann 2002-06-18

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