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Cilk 5.2.2-rev92 released

Cilk 5.2.2-rev92 was released. It supports the nondeterminator and cilk-lib in redhat 7.3 (and probably other redhat implementations.)

Posted by Bradley C. Kuszmaul 2003-01-20

Cilk-5.3 released

I am pleased to announce the availability of Cilk-5.3.

Cilk is a language for multithreaded parallel programming based on
ANSI C. Cilk is designed for general-purpose parallel programming,
but it is especially effective for exploiting dynamic, highly
asynchronous parallelism. This 5.3 release contains the Cilk
compiler, the Cilk runtime system, and example programs.

Cilk was developed since 1994 at the MIT Laboratory for Computer
Science by Prof. Charles E. Leiserson and his group. Besides being
used for research and teaching, Cilk was the system used to code the
three world-class chess programs *Tech, *Socrates, and Cilkchess.
Over the years, implementations of Cilk have run on computers ranging
from networks of Linux laptops to an 1824-nodes Intel Paragon.... read more

Posted by Matteo Frigo 2000-06-05

Cilk-5.3-beta1 available

Cilk is a parallel programming language based
on ANSI C. Cilk-5.3-beta1 is available for
download. Please submit installation problems
before the final release, scheduled for June 5th.

Posted by Matteo Frigo 2000-05-29