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Pre-Release 2016-12-22

Release notes

Aws cloudformation template available , also provides sample data using a public rds snapshot arn:aws:rds:eu-west-1:172017021075:snapshot:cia-demo-20161120 .

Still prototype, live demo running at https:/ read more

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2016-12-22

legacy-1.0-demo-4 of CIA released


Replaced c3p0 with atomikos datasource implementation.

The dependencies were updated to quartz 1.8.4, ehcache-core 2.2.0, javamelody 1.18.0, spring 3.0.4.RELEASE, poi 3.7-beta2, hibernate 3.6.0.Beta3, slf4j 1.6.1 & jetty 7.1.6.v20100715.

Documentation :
Download link :

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2010-08-20

legacy-1.0-demo-1 Released

Demo release of the old legacy code using thinwire based ui. Branched off from version 1.0-alpha23.

Added support for monitoring of the application using javamelody 1.13.0.

Improved caching of web & services.

Data updated with votes to 2010-03-11.

Dependency updates :
Spring 3.0.1.RELEASE
Poi 3.6
Hibernate 3.5.0-Final
Ehcache 2.0.0

Direct download link read more

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2010-04-01

1.0-alpha29 released

Updates: Code refactorings in progress, some dependency updates vaadin 6.2.2, Spring Security 3.0.0.RELEASE, hibernate 3.5.0-Beta-3.

Changed license to Apache License Version 2.0, made more sense in some ways and cooler name obviously.

The live demo is currently down, will surface some time again before the Swedish election.... read more

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2010-01-18

1.0-alpha28 released

and have been updated.

Changes: Major refactoring and general clean up of the code base.

Dependency updates: Spring 3.0.0.RELEASE, Spring Security 3.0.0.RC2, Apache Poi 3.6 , Vaadin 6.2.0, gwt-user 2.0.0 , junit 4.8.1 & ehcache-core 1.7.1.

Direct download link


Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-12-19

CIA 1.0-alpha27 now released

and is updated with latest release.

Last release is as always very much work in progress, will complete all admin functionality before restoring the old user views.

Improved admin functionality, new Command Center for agent operations. Major cleanup and refactoring to prepare for export of public api.

Some dependency updates, now using latest Spring 3.0.0.RC2, dbunit 2.4.7, javaassist 3.11.0.GA, & vaadin 6.1.5.... read more

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-11-22

CIA 1.0-alpha26 released

Updates: New command center for agent operations, general cleanup and model improvements.

Demo back on , check out Command Center under Admin tree item.

Direct download


Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-11-13

CIA 1.0-alpha24 released

Mostly work in progress in preparation for first beta release.

Replacing old thinwire user interface with new vaadin based.
Initial test skeletons for verification of service layer data output.
Preparation for additional language support.
Added income data from 2008 for parliament members.
Ec2 configuration.

Dependency updates: vaadin 6.1.3, spring security 3.0.0.RC1, apache-ds 1.5.5, ehcache 1.7.0, javaassist 3.9.0.GA

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-10-26

CIA 1.0-alpha23 released

Initial mocked screens using vaadi based user interface. Using spring security. Now temporary supports both thinwire/vaadin user interface.

Prepared improved support for more languages.

Changed chart size 800x600 & switched to png format

Initial work on for launching ec2 instances.

Dependency updates asm 3.2, Jetty 7.0.0.v20091005, aspectj 1.6.5, ehcache 1.7.0.beta, junit 4.6, dbunit 2.4.6,vaadin 6.1.2, poi 3.5 final & mysql-connector 5.1.10.

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-10-12

CIA 1.0-alpha22 released

fixed an serious image problem.

Good news, Frontier Economy published an article about the project


Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-10-01

CIA 1.0-alpha20 released

A new alpha release is now available.

Changes: New political party charts have been generated. Admin functionality has been improved. This release adds the ability to configure usage order and what is active by default for portal/language.

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-09-23

CIA 1.0-alpha19 released

Different charts for parliament members now generated and included.

Some dependency upgrades Cglib 2.2 and Asm 3.1.

More updates on the blog :

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-09-17

Citizen Intelligence Agency 1.0-alpha17 released

Generated some initial charts based on voting behaviour in Swedish Parliament (The Riksdag)

Charts are now displayed for the toplist categories, still work in progress.

Upgraded dependencies for htmlunit 2.6, jetty 7.0.0.RC5 , ejb3unit 2.0.0.r302-cia (custom pom), spring security 3.0.0.M2, hibernate 3.5.0.Beta-1 and spring 3.0.0.M4.

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-09-04

Citizen Intelligence Agency 1.0-alpha16 released

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-08-30

CIA 1.0-alpha15 released

Changes: Now store created graphs as image content in the database, should make graphs worker better on windows. Also improved javadoc and simplified build.

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-08-21

Citizen Intelligence Agency releases 1.0-alpha14

Moved all language resources to database and created administrator configuration views. Added & improved test.

Started to blogg about the project at

Think for yourself, question authority !

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-08-17

Citizen Intelligence Agency releases 1.0-alpha13

See changelog at, mainly improved test and cleaned up some admin views.

Prepared for more user features around parliament Grading,Forum,Short_Comment,Opinions &Vote .

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-08-10

CIA release 1.0-alpha12

Major cleanup and added initial tests for all basic user functions.

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-08-07

CIA releases version 1.0-alpha11

Major design clean-up, introducing userSession to the mode and request/response messages for the service layer to prepare for th 1.0 release. Also upgraded ehcache to version 1.6.1.

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-07-29

CIA releases version 1.0-alpha10

Some work to get the application to work using Firefox 3.5 and build on windows.

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-07-11

CIA releases version 1.0-alpha9

Refactorings, improved documentation and some dependency upgrades.

Any feedback in the Forums if you have problem starting the application would be very valuable.

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-07-10

CIA releases version 1.0-alpha8

Mostly cleanup of code and some dependency upgrades like ehcache.

View updated spring bean documentation at

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-06-29

CIA releases version 1.0-alpha6

ParliamentMember summary view now includes wikipedia page if it exist.

Otherwise some minor cleanup and more work on configuration for languages and language content.

Btw demoversion is currently down to save money for rent/food, please ask any questions in the forums if you have any trouble starting your own server.

Best regards Pether

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-06-21

CIA mentioned in Swedish Radio

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-06-14

CIA releases version 1.0-alpha5

New configuration for agency & portals, enables different title,description on demo portals and !

Also some initial code for moving language,image and configuration resources to the database.

Posted by James Pether Sörling 2009-06-10