#10 Live Quotes (again!)


Hey - You recently sorted out a problem I had with the live voting, wherein it defaulted to the confirmation screen - this was due to messed up carriage returns in an INI file.

Having replaced the INI file with a working version, the live voting now registers, but upon processing simply returns "ERROR".

Can you point me in the right direction for how to debug this and find the source of the problem?

More Info:
When the INI file is first replaced with a good version, the first vote attempt in Firefox throws up an error saying that "locale" is not defined. Subsequent attempts does not re-throw this error. I don't know whether "locale" is a built-in JS function, but I can't see it defined in the livequotes.js file, or any of the other JS files included.
Voting has been tested on FF, FF-USB version and IE6.
I have a "live" site, that you helped me to fix recently, that is still running with a "bad" INI file, because replacing it with a good file causes the voting to stop working. This site is: herghost.com/zomegle/chirpy
I have built a new version of the site to try to implement the fix. This new site is running with the good INI file, but voting does not work, as described above. This new site is herghost.com/zomegle/chirpy2

Thanks for any help you can give.



  • Tim De Pauw

    Tim De Pauw - 2009-09-07

    At least we're making progress. :-)

    I'm attaching a modified version of res/themes/default/js/live_rating.js. Please make a backup of your own live_rating.js (or extract it from the Chirpy! download when you're done) and replace the file with the attached one.

    The modified script has a few descriptive JavaScript alerts, at all points where the error may be occurring. Upon an error, a dialog window will pop up, telling you what exactly is wrong. Be sure to do a hard reload of the page (Shift-Refresh) before testing, so your browser has the correct version.

    If the message in the dialog window doesn't mean much to you, be sure to post it here.

  • Tim De Pauw

    Tim De Pauw - 2009-09-07

    Debug version of live_rating.js

  • Leigh Hall

    Leigh Hall - 2009-09-08

    Hi Tim - It's a HTTP Error 406. I'm looking into how this might be fixed - have you seen this before?

  • Tim De Pauw

    Tim De Pauw - 2009-09-19

    I ran a quick trace of the HTTP request, which indeed confirms the 406 error. 406 is the code for "Not Acceptable", which usually seems to be caused by the mod_security Apache module.

    If the server indeed has that module enabled, are you at all able to configure or possibly even disable it? I must admit I don't have any experience with it myself.

    If the module isn't enabled, we'll have to look somewhere else.

  • Leigh Hall

    Leigh Hall - 2009-09-22

    hi - thanks for replying again :)

    I found a couple of articles on this too, but it doesn't seem that the mod_security module is installed because when I add the line to the .htaccess file to disable it, I get an error.

    If it helps the hosting is on the cPanel platform.

    I'll keep digging!

  • Tim De Pauw

    Tim De Pauw - 2009-09-22

    Perhaps there are more descriptive error logs somewhere?

  • Leigh Hall

    Leigh Hall - 2009-09-24

    yeah, except these 406's don't seem to hit the error log on the site at all!

    I'll keep digging!


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