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CEng -14- Semester Ends

A brief look at the week:

I know for at least two people working on the project, that schools over. So that means two things. First, there is certainly more time available to work on the project. Second, people are making plans for the summer. I'll try to talk with everyone, and see what's happening.

Nothing really new to report on.

Important News:

1. Same as last week, just change your password on the linux box when you get a chance.... read more

Posted by Dustin 2001-04-25

CEng -13- Week Late (brushing dirt under the carpet)

A brief look at the week:

No time for anything, not even the weekly review.

Important News:

1. As was mentioned last week the linux box is up at The usernames are all the same as your nicks on irc, and originally the accounts were unpassworded. However, since over the course of two weeks not everyones changed the password, I've updated all the unpassworded accounts with a default password. I just recently sent out an email to chaosengine-devel that should have the password. So, please logon and change it to something a bit more passwordy. Try to do this soon, because it presents a security risk. Once on to the machine type the command: passwd. To change the password to something a bit more secure. ... read more

Posted by Dustin 2001-04-23

CEng -12- Linux

A brief look at the week:

Everyone's pretty busy just trying to tie up loose ends with school and work. Even with all the different things preventing people from working on the project, more infrastructure somehow fell in to place this week.

I'm happy to say that the linux box that was in disrepair is now completely functional. This might not sound like that big of a deal, but it means we no longer have to rely on SourceForge to host our project and backup up the project history. Think about it for a moment. The forums, mailing lists, bug trackers, tasks, are all just as valuable as our code-base, and if we lose any of it we need to go about spending more time, either circumventing the problems created, or fixing them. So it's quite handy :). The rest are just details really.... read more

Posted by Dustin 2001-04-10

CEng -11- Late but good.

A brief look at the week:

Well I wasn't personally around much during the week. I've been busy trying to setup the linux box where we'll be operating from mostly, which has had my connection up and down quite a bit. The jobs not quite done yet, but that's been the major activity of the week.

Important News:

1. The linux box is being worked on, so if you don't see me around, don't assume I've abandoned ship.... read more

Posted by Dustin 2001-04-03

CEng -10- Here we go.

A brief look at the week:

Things are picking up, again. The mailing lists have been fixed, they're now being correctly archived. Other then that just some docs and clean up work (CVS, etc). So not the most effective of weeks, but a definite increase in activity ;)

Important News:

1. CVS should be fixed. No more problems, period. The lock file seems to be gone. So if you're using wincvs or tkcvs, the only problems you should be having are with the client.... read more

Posted by Dustin 2001-03-27

CEng -9- Die Further Die! :)

A Brief look at the week:

It was a rather quiet week, but it would seem that some small things are still being done, but not major enough to be mentioned.

Important News:

1. People still need to either a) Complain that writing a weekly journal is too much ;D, or b)Write a quick journal entry each week.

2. Some people are still on anon for skills, Blah, this is the last week I'm going to ask for it to be changed. Next, I'm going on a crusade, hunting you all down, and floging you to death ;)... read more

Posted by Dustin 2001-03-19

CEng -8- Dead week

A Brief look at the week:

Not much going on. All the people who applied for the administrative position responded stating that they were busy with other things, oh well. Besides that, nothing significant happened.

Important News:

1. All three important messages from last week were ignored. That can mean a few things. First, no one read it. Second, people are busy. Third, you read it but didn't care. Please, read them and see what it is that you can do to help out.... read more

Posted by Dustin 2001-03-12

CEng -7- Quiet week (again)

A Brief look at the week:

The week was quiet, which I'm hoping isn't going to become a snowballing trend. Personally, I spent most of the week trying to find people to fill some administrative positions, and just doing the routine administrative tasks. As for other team members, I haven't been filled in on any additional details, so I assume that they're continuing to work on there old tasks, or dealing with real life problems :). As for SourceForge, it seems they have been busy, since we now have a new utility called an "Artifact Manager."... read more

Posted by Dustin 2001-03-05

Weekend up date with your host zeram

For the week ending 2/25/01

What everyone has been up to:

emoe: Writeing design materials, including project rules and goals, and a more through FAQ

Ceiled: Working on the interface and poking around at some external code

meyek: Working on the interface with Ceiled and an assist by emoe

Skyline: Mostly getting comfy with XML

masilis: Working on design tasks such as looking in to the following: Java, C#, SDI, DirectX, and Allegro... read more

Posted by Aaron Wolfrom 2001-02-26

CEng(week 5) - Website (cool) & SF changes (cool)

Well this was a quiet week the only major news that I have to report includes the new website design from teekay at:
Please post comments on the devel-list. :)

And, finally, all the problems with SF should be fixed. This includes CVS access difficulties, ssh problems, ftp restrictions, etc. Check it out at: read more

Posted by Dustin 2001-02-21

Chaosengine Updates - Tasks,Code Design,Webpage,Roster, ...

Chaosengine Update - Tasks, Code Design, Webpage, Roster, forum troubles, & CVS woes

The Major events for this week:

-Updated task list: Major Changes to Project Administration, Website, & Design.

-WebPage created & Time coordination script start. Download the latest file release, to get a quick preview.

-CVS is still a problem (lock file & WinCvs ssh)
This has prevented the major update to the source code.... read more

Posted by Dustin 2001-02-12

ChaosEngine Updates - CVS rep, Mailing List, Roster, & Tasks

For starters, the CVS repository is finally live, and it has source. It's all experimental (phase1), but have fun toying around with what's there. This isn't the most recent version of the code, so check back within the next few days to get an update, if you're interested.

...If you must know, my laptop with all of my source is being operated on by IBM's (hopefully) skilled technicians.

Moving on. Since, we now have some five people interested in working on the project group collaboration has become a problem. So as a solution I urge the entire development team to communicate through our new chaosengine-devnews mailing list, courtesy of SourceForge. So sign up for it pronto! It's probably important to mention the list isn't public, if this becomes a problem for any of you, I'll consider changing it. So, for the next few days particularly, I'll be keeping an eye on the forums and my mailbox for anyone that is experiencing problems or that would like to see this changed. But, I'd prefer to keep just the core team on this list, or at the very least moderate it. ... read more

Posted by Dustin 2001-02-01

ChaosEngine Started need help!

Looking for anybody, in general, interested in working on a generic game library (similar to DirectX, allegro, GL, etc).

Posted by Dustin 2001-01-11

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