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  • webi

    webi - 2010-03-21

    i want to listen to events from upnp renderers. At older versions i could use the function service.addEventListener to receive events, but this functions is not longer available. How can i receive events from upnp renderers using the new cyberlink version on android? Can anyone help me.

    Thanks in advance,

  • webi

    webi - 2010-03-24

    i want to implement a UPnP-AV Control Point.
    I can post actions to a UPnP renderer device but i don't know how to get "LastChange" from the RenderingControlService and the AvTransportService.

  • weelaner

    weelaner - 2010-04-18


    I am working on a ControlPoint too. I had subscribed my ControlPoint to the AVtransport Service and it has to implement the EventListener Interface. So I've got LastChange variable via eventReceived-Method.
    But my problem that there are only information abaout the currents title metaData in it. I get only events on Start and Stop of a track. I get no information about the RelativeTimePosition.
    Can someone help me with this issue?

    Thanks & Greetings

  • Satoshi Konno

    Satoshi Konno - 2010-05-01

    Hi Weelaner,

    It seems that RelativeTimePosition is not variable is not event variable.

    Please check the UPnP/AV specification, use the query or action to
    get the value.


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