Oliver Newell - 2005-04-06

Hello -

I posted a free UPnP A/V controller that uses CyberLink (thanks Satoshi!) at www.cidero.com.  Along with the code is included the slightly modified 1.5 version of CLink.  One mod that may be  useful in the official tree is the code that resides in com.cidero.upnp.AbstractService.java. Basically, this sets up a mechanism whereby incoming UPnP events (for control points) or actions (for devices) automatically get dispatched to a service method with the name 'event<EventName>', or 'action<ActionName>' . Then you don't need a big switch statement checking all the incoming event/action names and manually invoking the desired method. I found that to be a handy programming model.

I ran into some other issues when dealing with some UPnP devices, like proper handling of UTF-8 extended characters. I'll work on merging my mods with the official 1.6 tree when I get a chance...(right now it's a bit messy)