Discovery of devices with android emulator

  • Kirill Volkov

    Kirill Volkov - 2011-03-23

    I'm having a hard time with this cyberlink library on android emulator.
    As far as I know, android emulator does not support multicast.

    Yet I'm trying to make a control point.
    First of all I create a new controlpoint and call start("upnp:rootdevice").
    at this point upnp service should start and search() for devices. now it sends an ssdp packet, telling the lan devices there's a new control point, and they should send responce using unicast.

    but I don't get any packets, other than the one i've sent. it's also coming not from my ip,. but from
    maybe this have something to do with lan settings, and some packets are filtered? can this be the case?

    the thing is that there's a similar library named cling by teleal, and it searches for devices correctly.

    any1 had expiriences the same issues?

  • Stephan Mehlhase

    IIRC, the android emulator builds it's own private network which is then routed into the LAN of the computer (that's why you see the address, that's the internal network). Therefore computers from inside the LAN cannot access the simulator (but the other way around should be possible). Especially two instances of the simulator are not able to communicate via network with each other (at least that was the case 1.5 years ago when I tried it the last time).


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