• Chad Wilson

    Chad Wilson - 2006-02-04

    I took a look at the source after I was having some problems and noticed that the method in the PDF you suggest (postQueryAction()) is named postQuerylAction() in  Is this intended?  Which is correct, the PDF or the source?

    Also, why are there no real world examples of the eventing system?  Everywhere I've seen, the 4 variables passed to eventNotifyReceived are always spit to System.out or some other log.  In a situation where I'm wanting to subscribe to an IGD and get updates on the WANIP and other eventable StateVariables, how is eventNotifyReceived() used?

    • Satoshi Konno

      Satoshi Konno - 2006-02-10

      Hi Chad,

      I fixed the method name correclty, postQueryAction(), and commit the change to the cvs server.

      For the example, plase check the controlpoint samle, the TV sample and the clock sample.

      Please tell me if you can't find out the sample :-)

    • Chad Wilson

      Chad Wilson - 2006-02-22

      OK, I took a look at the TV example and I had a few questions.  First there's 4 variables being passed to the eventNotifyReceived method (String uuid, long seq, String name, String value).

      Now from the TV example, I'm assuming that the UUID is to be checked against an SID of a particular service, that way you can differentiate between different subscription notifications in case of multiple services.  Next I'm assuming that the seq is the time to renew. 

      Now on the name/value, I'm not 100% certain on this from the example. Is the name/value a StateVariable?  In the example, you're checking against the service, and then setting a String accordingly.  However, you're only using the value, which I'm assuming that the TV example only uses one StateVariable per service, however I don't like to assume, so here I am asking! :)

      Also I just updating against the sourceforge CVS again today, and is still the original CVS version.  Is there another CVS that I should be checking out from?

      As a side request if at all possible, I'd love to be able to check out tagged releases from CVS, so if I wanted to check out 1.6.1's source, I could just checkout the tag, instead of having to figure out what versions on CVS apply to what release.  I don't know if this is possible, but figured I'd ask none the less!  Thanks much!


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