Hi, I'm pretty new to both of these and I'm trying to run up CyberMediaGate. I have it running to the point I can telnet to it, but when I run Cidero it does not "discover" the server.

Both are running on my local machine although I am connected to a home network and CyberMediaGate does bind to the active network card (wireless). I even hacked the code to make it listen on all addresses but it didn't help.

I'm pretty sure this must be something basic, especially since Cidero seems to build on CyberLink so I'd expect them to work together.

For those interested, what I want to do is use MediaServer as a UPnP front end to mplayer so I can listen to RTSP streams on my UPnP renderer (Roku) in the bedroom. Anyone like to comment on the feasibility of this?!