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  • Mikael

    Mikael - 2005-02-24

    I have found few places in the code that I needed to change in order to get it working (better). The changes concern binding HTTPUSocket, exceptions in receive() when closing sockets, exception handling, and lease time parsing in SSDP.  How do I submit these changes to the project, as verbal descriptions, as source code, or as diff output (what format)?


    • Satoshi Konno

      Satoshi Konno - 2005-02-26

      Hi Mikael,

      Please send me any format that you want such as
      the modified source files or the diff format :-)

      • Mikael

        Mikael - 2005-03-01

        Many thanks Satoshi. I will send you the files as soon as I get my device working at least partially. This way I wouldn't need to send you files many times for each small set of changes. I make the changes along my work with my device as I see the need. BTW, yesterday I had to make many small changes in order for the device to be recognized by XP.

        Can you accept an Eclipse project containing all the files?

        • Satoshi Konno

          Satoshi Konno - 2005-03-01

          Hi Mikael,

          > Can you accept an Eclipse project containing all the files?

          Yes, it is no problem to send the all files of your Eclipse project.

          It is a easy work to extract your patches using diff utility to compare your files with my latest files :-)

          • Mikael

            Mikael - 2005-03-12

            Hi Satoshi,

            Did you receive source code from me? I have sent it to your sourceforge email address.


            • Satoshi Konno

              Satoshi Konno - 2005-03-13

              Hi Mikael,

              I have received your patch, thank you. I got the difference from my latest code today.

              I will add your patch to the next release. I will send the result after I finish the change :-)


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