problem running cmgate

  • thomas_nlv

    thomas_nlv - 2005-05-13

    Hello, I've tried Clink and get it working, it's really great.
    now, i'm trying to run the cmgate (Xerces is installed and works well) but running java -jar cmgatejava112.jar outputs a description/description.xml.
    I've searched for such file in the jar but didn't find it.
    Any ideas of what i am doing wrong?
    Thanks for your help

    • smarqoo

      smarqoo - 2005-05-13

      You can find the descriptions in the first version of MediaGate:

    • Satoshi Konno

      Satoshi Konno - 2005-05-16

      Hi Smarqoo,

      Thanks for your reply.

      In the next release of the CyberLink,
      I will add a function to load the description infomation from memory.

      Then, I will change to set the description data using
      the memory function not using the description file.

      I will release the next version until next week.
      Please wait :-)

    • thomas_nlv

      thomas_nlv - 2005-05-19

      ok everything seems fine but some of my files are not displayed correctly. For most of them everything is ok, but for one album songs titles are missing. date and size are ok. with other media rendere i can see those files. the tags are ok too... idont really understand why they are not seen... using cyberlink sample control point and browsing the directory i can see those files, but once again the "dc:title" tag is empty.

      i don't know if this help but songs names and files are lije this one : 01-Kqed Equals Volvo
      and the file is 01-Kqed Equals Volvo.mp3

      • smarqoo

        smarqoo - 2005-05-19

        as far as I remember the dc:title property of MP3 files is read in the ID3Format class in method getTitle(). You could try to replace the method's last line:
        return getFrameStringData(ID3Frame.TIT2);
        with following code:

        title = getFrameStringData(ID3Frame.TIT2);
        if(title.length > 0) {
           return title;
        return this.mp3file.getName();

        I hope it helps,


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