Multiple instance of Device with different IP

  • Stefano Lenzi

    Stefano Lenzi - 2005-07-02

    Hi All,
       I'm changing the cyberlink-1.7 so I may be able to run several instance of Device from the same VM that use different Multicast comunicationa and even different Interface. I that way may be able to run a ControlPoint on interface A and LightDevice on interface B from the same VM.

    Actually I have changed the following class:

    Are there other class that I should look for?

    Do you think to add this change to next release?

    • Stefano Lenzi

      Stefano Lenzi - 2005-07-06

      Hi Satoshi,
         If you think to add this feature in the next release, I can send you  the changed file or maybe just the diff

    • Satoshi Konno

      Satoshi Konno - 2005-07-12

      Hi Stefano,

      Could you send the changed file ?
      I will check the diff myself.

      I am sorry to late for your report, but I thank you for
      your effort each time:-)

      • Stefano Lenzi

        Stefano Lenzi - 2005-07-12

        How can I send the file to you?
        Do you prefer sourceforge e-mail address or patch?


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