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  • wowplayer

    wowplayer - 2006-03-15

    Dear Satoshi Konno,

    im currnetly working on my thesis concerning UPnP. I had some problems with cooperation of CyberGarage's and SuperBonbonIndustries' ( implementation of UPnP in case of eventing with your example of a UPnP clock.

    After receiving an event subscription it seems your UPnP implementation is expecting an answer on it's HTTP 200 OK message. Since even the subscriber set "Connection: close" it is not closed (only the HTPThread does not keep on reading). I tried to fix this by changing in class HTTPRequest in method
    public HTTPResponse post(String host, int port, boolean isKeepAlive)
    the lines
    in = postSocket.getInputStream();
    httpRes.set(in, isHeaderRequest);
    in = postSocket.getInputStream();
    // httpRes.set(in, isHeaderRequest);

    and in Class Device in method
    private void deviceEventNewSubscriptionRecieved(Service service, SubscriptionRequest subReq)
    i added the lines
    try {
    } catch (IOException e1) {
    I know, it's not a real clean solution but it works with a small change in code of SBBI.

    Another point a would like be be noticed is the ssdp:alive message. Your clock device only sends 3 ssdp:alive messages but should be 4. "UPnP Device Architecture 1.0" on page 13:
    "Three discovery messages for the root device."
    "Two discovery messages for each embedded device."
    "Once for each service type in each device."
    So it should be 4 in case of the clock.

    Tonight I will post a proposal in SBBI's forum to change their code in two lines to get their UPnPLib working with CyberGarage.

    I even think of a kind of apache-commons-like wrapper-api to capsulate CyberGarage and SBBI in one API. I think I'll get it done the next three month.

    Greetings from rainy frosty Germany!

    • Stefano Lenzi

      Stefano Lenzi - 2006-03-16

      Hi Guy,
      I had similar trouble regarding the Connection: Keep-Alive and Connection: Close, my trouble was realted to the fact that if Keep-Alive was present the Content-Length header was missing and even if IMHO RFC is not clear if it's permitted or not must of the software had trouble with that beahavior.

      Stefano "Kismet" Lenzi

      P.S.:SBBI software will be open source? And your Wrapper?

      • wowplayer

        wowplayer - 2006-03-17

        Your question "SBBI software will be open source?":
        As far as I know it is (present) under "The Apache Software License, Version 1.1". But don't get me wrong, I just use that software, im no author.

        OpenSource? I think so. But it will take a few month...


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