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Start Device by ControlPoint is possible?

  • Xiangsu

    Xiangsu - 2007-06-04

    I am doing a CyberLink application that the UpnP ControlPoint should start the Upnp device. Not "on" and "Off",but start the Upnp device application.Upnp controlpoint and Upnp device are deployed in different PC. Any solution for that?

    • Xiangsu

      Xiangsu - 2007-06-08

      Is it impossible?

    • mikko_kauppila

      mikko_kauppila - 2007-06-08

      Hi Xiang,

      It's definitely possible to do a remote procedure call from machine
      A to machine B, although I've personally never done this.
      In this procedure call, running on machine B, you could then start
      the application the way you start local applications.
      Here's one place to start:

      But perhaps you're looking for a solution that better fits the UPnP
      framework. Perhaps you could, hypothetically speaking, create a
      "server device" running on machine B, providing a "start application"
      service. But this is clearly a kind of "chicken and egg" solution since
      now we need a mechanism for starting the service device, etc.

      So perhaps it's just better to keep the device continuously running
      on machine B, if possible.

      - Mikko


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