• Jeeza Bello

    Jeeza Bello - 2003-09-24

    I would qualilfy this as mindblowing.
    I have spent hours on this since I downloaded it the day before yesterday.
    I can however think of one particular improvement.
    It's a feature which, as far as I could detect, isn't there yet : it's the possibility to get in your window any two bodies together.
    You could choose, for example, Sun and Jupiter, and view them together as from an outside viewpoint.
    Or Sol and Proxima.  Or any other pair.
    You would, at the same time, get a view on the environment of the particular pair you selected.
    Wouldn't this be an interesting addition ?

    • maxim

      maxim - 2005-04-20

      Don't know if this is still actual, but the 'lock' command will do what you suggested.



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