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New website, new features, new screenshots...coming soon!

After quiet a long hiatus, I am back. The website will soon be replaced with a new, better designed and frequently updated. Expect to see screenshots of Cefarix booting (sorry, no GUI yet!), and a screenshot of the new Cefarix boot manager facility.

New features I've coded into Cefarix OS:
* Cefarix boot manager allows you to choose which kernel you want to boot, and loads the kernel file off of a Cefarix Filesystem partition.
* Cefarix Filesystem console utility allows command line-type access to Cefarix Filesystem partitions from Linux, Windows, and other OSs.
* Dynamic loading of ELF modules. This hasn't been tested yet.... read more

Posted by Moutaz Haq 2006-03-17

Source code uploaded to CVS!

The source code has been uploaded to the CVS repository :)

Posted by Moutaz Haq 2004-10-11


Work has been going for the past year on version 4.0. The new kernel source will be uploaded within the next month, and the website will be updated as well. Developers wanted.

Posted by Moutaz Haq 2004-09-19


My development pc is down for about 1-4 weeks. In the mean-time, I'll develop docs for it. I'm also busy getting ready for college, so that could take sometome out also.

Posted by Moutaz Haq 2000-09-01