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cEdit Professional / News: Recent posts

cEdit Rewrite

I'm currently in the process of doing an almost total rewrite of cEdit. I've made some descent progress. I'm kind of stuck at the moment though trying to descide which editing component to use. I have two options available which are Scintilla utilizing DelphiSCI or SynEdit.

I've been leaning towards SynEdit due to the improved speed and the fact that it's a native VCL component so there will be no external libraries needed. However Scintilla does support code folding which is only poorly supported in SynEdit. SynEdit also has support for some other nice features such as spell checking. ... read more

Posted by Stewart 2007-11-21

cEditMX New Release 6.0.5

Now you can configure the external browser. Also made it so
you can configure more than one external browser to make it
easier to test a website in several different browsers with the
click of the mouse.

Beta Release 6.0.5
- Fixed project links/email/new project bugs.
- Updated about box to right version
- Added save project on exit of application if it's been modified
- Fixed bug with First window being modified, then opening browser and then closing app resulting in it not detecting the modified document.... read more

Posted by Stewart 2005-06-06

cEdit 5.6.4 and Dockpanel updated

cEdit is a text/code editor designed to provide a free alternative to editors such as ultraedit, and textpad. It has many of the same features as both, and some neither of them possess. It is highy configurable, easy to use, and quite powerful in it's abilities. Plugins make it almost limitless in it's feature additions, and provide an easy way for users to add onto it without messing around with it's base code (which is fairly large).... read more

Posted by Stewart 2003-08-06

cEdit 5.2.1 Stable Release

cEdit is an attempt to create a freeware opensource text editor with
features to rivel some of the popular shareware editors such as
ultraedit or textpad.

Version 5.2.1 is the first stable release of version 5. It is a complete
rewrite of version 4, including a whole new language. Currently it has
far more extensive language support than version 4 did, including over
50 built in languages, and more can be added with ease. It also boasts
an advanced docking system allowing you to layout the editor however you
like. Built in FTP allows you to edit your webpage or shell files with
ease, and quick FTP can be accessed from a docked window. Fully supported
custom projects allow you to work on several files at a time, and load
them in or save them quickly.... read more

Posted by Stewart 2003-07-16

cEdit 5.0 Early Delphi Release

cEdit is an opensource code editor designed to provide many of the features seen in such editors as UltraEdit, while remaining free. Currently I am in the long process of rewriting it in a new language. I've chosen Delphi for this task as it seems to greatly enhance it's speed, and performance, while still being far easier than c++.

This version is a very early release and as such most of it does not work. It's more of a way to give users a feel for what it's going to be like, and get suggestions on improving the ui, and such.

Posted by Stewart 2002-02-12

Early Screenshots

For those of you interested here's an early screenshot of cEdit 5 as it is currently in development. Expect an alpha release sometime late this week :)

Posted by Stewart 2002-02-11

Got some work done on cEdit 5

Today I've spent some time working on cEdit 5 which for those of you who havn't heard already is going to be done in Delphi as aposed to Visual Basic. I have the ui basicly done and should have some screenshots up within the next day or so :)

Posted by Stewart 2002-02-10

New cEdit Release

cEdit is a freeware opensource code editor designed to provide a good base for developers interested in making a code editor more specific to their needs.

This release includes some major bug fixes, an improved FTP, an improved interface, a quick color window.

Posted by Stewart 2001-12-03

cEdit Update

FTP is fixed so it will no longer add data on the uploads. The docked nav window will remember if it's unloaded or not when the app closes and display as such when the app loads (so if you close it once it stay's closed until you open it again).

Enhanced the FTP to include menu navigation, CHMOD, and a command option which will allow you to specify any command you wish that is not included with cEdit's FTP client.

Posted by Stewart 2001-11-27

New Version of cEdit Released

This version adds in a output or debug window which displays the results from a compiler in the program.

Posted by Stewart 2001-11-26

New Plugin Model

I switched to dll and modified the model a little bit. Check out the plugin's section of the website for more info regarding writing a plugin. Download the current version to get the new model.

Posted by Stewart 2001-11-25

New Version Released

cEdit 4.2.1 released yesterday. This version fixes a number of bugs, adds a sizebar to the nav window, adds some toolbar buttons for quicker access, and heavily optimizes (including removing 8K of dead code)

Posted by Stewart 2001-11-24

Website started

I got the website started. As most features needed for this project are already available on sourceforge I'm displaying it though incomplete. Biggest thing is it has screenshots up so you can get an idea of what cEdit looks like before you download it. Check it out at


Posted by Stewart 2001-11-22