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1.0.2 out

The version 1.0.2 is out. New features include a MP3-Source which reads ID3-Tags and inserts them on the cover and French language files. Have fun!

Posted by Andreas Schmitz 2003-06-10

Version 1 released!

Finally we've come to announce version One of CDox. There are not much changes but a few bug fixes compared to the 1.0rc2 release, but there probably are no too obvious bugs left, and we felt releasing version 1.0 was obliged. We're proud that most things worked out well, and we hope you're enjoying the program like we do!

Posted by Andreas Schmitz 2002-12-18

Release candidate 1

Well, close as never before to Version 1.0 we are... And now there are really news. Starting with this release, we have a variety of installation methods/release forms. We have source and binary: RPMs, DEBs, .tgz, .bz2 and .zip. And we have, of course, a great program to print and edit covers, formerly only in our imagination, and now in those files. Check it out, and let us know what you think of it.

Posted by Andreas Schmitz 2002-07-18

Started project

Welcome to CDox, the world of CD Documents. Since we have just released the second public beta, I think it is time for the first news. Well, not much news on the other hand, but I think it's good news to know that there is a working CD cover program out here. It's localized into the Dutch, German and English language. Have fun!

Posted by Andreas Schmitz 2002-03-27