MP3+G works in PyKaraoke but not on CD+G?

  • Steven J. Boswell II

    I've been using to burn MP3+Gs to CD+G, and all was working well…then I found some MP3+Gs that would produce gibberish graphics when converted to CD+G and burned to disc.  The corresponding MP3+G plays fine in PyKaraoke.

    I managed to find another copy of the same MP3+G that worked when converted to CD+G, and compared the .cdg files using xxd.  They were very different.  The strange thing is, the .cdg that cratered when converted to CD+G, is all zero bytes until 7,536 bytes into the file, yet it displayed just fine in PyKaraoke!  I'm at a loss to explain this.

    Any idea where to go with this?

  • Kelvin Lawson

    Kelvin Lawson - 2010-02-01


    Depending on the CDG there may be hardly any graphic updates in the first few seconds of the file. In this case 7,536 bytes is just over two seconds. There usually is a splash screen or something though at startup.

    It does sound odd, though, that files which work in PyKaraoke would not work in cdg2bin. If you'd like to send the file over I could take a look.

  • Steven J. Boswell II

    Have you had a chance to look at this yet?

  • Kelvin Lawson

    Kelvin Lawson - 2010-07-07


    Thanks for sending the sample file - I'll take a look this evening.

    Best regards.


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