Creating new CD+G?

  • I know this is technically off-topic, but it took me forever just to find that cdgtools exists, and I figured y'all would know the answer to this question.

    Are there any tools for creating new CD+G under Linux?  I guess I'd want a "text2cdg" to correspond to the existing "cdg2text", or something that converts MIDI files with lyrics into CD+G text, or…I don't know, a full-blown GUI editor?  I'm trying to author my own karaoke tracks.

    I found the cdg123 project here on SourceForge, but it doesn't appear to have been changed in 5 years.

    Thanks in advance for any info!

  • Kelvin Lawson
    Kelvin Lawson


    It is not something that cdgtools supports today, but it is definitely something that I'd eventually like to have within the project.

    The other potential option is a proprietary format one of the PyKaraoke users contacted me about recently. They were creating songs using a subtitle editor, and wrote a player module to plug in to PyKaraoke for playback. I haven't heard back from them regarding submitting it to the PyKaraoke project, however.

    For the time being, however, I can only suggest using a Windows application under Wine or a VM.

  • I found a project here on SourceForge called karlyriceditor, which purports to be a GUI editor.  I'll look into it myself soon.