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Release 2.1 fixes some issues

As we work with CDE we find that there are things that don't work as they should so we make them better, you can find some improvements now in how the inputs work and select ranges.

As always I ask for feedback from the community for things we need to add or look at. Consider using the thumbnail feature of CDE to dynamically load images from a database and have the power of caching working for it too!

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2013-11-13

Version 2.0 is release with a getting started guide

Hi Everyone, we have done enough changes to CDE to warrant another release. So here it is and we've done some work in beginning the Official CDE Guide which is available with the download and responsible for the large increase in size of the package!

Our new slogan for CDE will be "Not just an abstraction layer" and we'll be documenting why in the following weeks.

CDE is becoming a useful part of making the transition to HTML5 and should be used by any serious web developer.

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2013-05-30 Labels: PHP database firebird mysql sqlite windows linux developers abstraction

Version 1.9 is released

This release includes the mysqli object implementation with bug fixes to the input method and a new select method.

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2012-11-15

MSSQL native support & ODBC support

Hi Everyone

Cubrid support is now complete and is in production testing. Native MSSQL is also implemented, that is the drivers from Microsoft for PHP MSSQL support and should be production ready. ODBC has just been supported but needs testing, The database path variable takes the ODBC string and doesn't follow the CDE convention server:dbname.

Please test and give me feedback, the best would be to email me via sourceforge I will happily respond to any emails.

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2012-05-06

CUBRID support, Date Formatting & Aliasing

Hi Everyone, we have implemented the first alpha for CUBRID database support and looking for some testers. Still to do is to pull out the metadata on CUBRID and finalize the blob support but otherwise the core functionality is working properly and is not far from production testing.

Also in the mix is the extra params on connection to specify your output date format settings, you won't be suprised but this is something which noone has really agreed to help standardize. So if you want to get your dates out in a certain format, let CDE do the work for you. The date format parameter is in a dd, mm, YYYY format which you can specify in any order you need it. You still have to send your dates in the right format to the database but we're working on a solution for that too.... read more

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2012-03-24

Show Case for CDE and sqlite3

One of our show case projects which was written and based entirely on CDEsimple with the new sqlite3 functionality: follow the link to

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2012-01-05

A new year A new release

The new version fixes up some oversights on the sqlite3 implementation of the previous release. The other notable change is a bug fix on the automatic insert generation functionality which was not uploading files properly to the BLOB fields.

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2012-01-05

CDE Simple 1.3

Hi Everyone

A new release of CDE now contains support for SQLite3 which is by default in PHP 5.3.0 and greater.

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2011-08-14

New Release CDESimple v 1.2

Hi Everyone

The new CDE has some new features for making writing those SQL statements easier, namely get_insert_sql and get_update_sql. Have a look in the cdesimple.php file for the use of these methods. There have been some additions to the sql_report function also to make it more robust and functional, you'll need fpdf to test its functionality. The exec method now supports ;\n separated sql statements for running multiple statements at once.... read more

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2010-09-21

MSSQL & Postgres

Good news today! We have finished the implementations for MSSQL and Postgres. It will be good to download the code and give these implementations a spin before release date on 16th March 2010. The Blob support on MSSQL comes with a little configuration headache in the PHP.INI file where the textlength needs to be set to maximum or blob support is limited to 4KB. Enjoy the engine and write up some reviews, we want to know where we can improve.

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2010-03-10


I'm encouraging everyone to get familiar with the cdesimple.php library as it is more than just a platform on which to abstract databases. For one it is cacheing queries in memory, and it attempts to provide an enhanced debugger for the developer. Not only do you see where the error occured in the cdesimple.php file but also on which line in your application. The good thing about this is that the debugger encapsulates your whole project, hopefully providing you with meaningful errors. In our coming releases we will still ship the old cdeclass.php as most of us will still have applications using that, however would be good to start new developments only using cdesimple.php. The mindset of the whole project is only to use one file to support everything. A new feature on cdesimple is the addition of the sql_report feature using FPDF. You will need to have those libraries present to make use of this tool which also generates CSV files from the query provided.... read more

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2010-03-07

CDE Improvements

The Cross Database Engine now supports Postgres, MSSQL & PDO although these are all in testing.

It is recommended that you download the cdeclass.php & cdetestclass.php files from CVS to see the latest features.

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2008-09-18

Oracle Support

Oracle support has been added and some new functions

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2008-07-22

MySQL added

I've added the basic MySQL functionality to the library. It will not be in a release yet until it has been tested sufficiently but feel free to download from CVS.

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2007-11-17

Cross Database Engine for PHP releases beta version

The Cross Database Engine encapsulates existing PHP functions into one class and currently supports Firebird / Interbase and Sqlite connectivity. Future versions will support translation between SQL dialects making it a true Cross Database solution.

Posted by Andre van Zuydam 2007-05-07

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