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Press Release

Decision Table Program Generator Reaches the Classroom.

Professor David Topham at Ohlone College, Fremont, California, is planning to present the open source, 'ccide' decision table preprocessor software to his Computer Science students this next semester. This is most likely the first time any decision table preprocessor has been used in an introductory programming course. A preprocessor prepares a computer source program for compilation. ... read more

Posted by Tom Young 2012-08-16

ccide-0.6.4-1 Released

ccide-0.6.4-1 with NLS support and bug fixes available here.

Posted by Tom Young 2012-08-16

ccide-0.0.8-8 supports BASIC programs.

Ccide-0.0.8-8 adds support for Visual Basic with transparent
m4 conversion. Bash script support has been improved,
as has C/C++ comment logic.

Posted by Tom Young 2004-09-28

ccide-0.0.8-5 supports C, C++ and bash

With release 0.0.8-5, ccide adds support for multiple programming languages, including C, C++, and bash.
The new -m4 option causes ccide to emit decision tables
in macro format, suitable for expansion by the m4 program.

Posted by Tom Young 2004-09-14

CCIDE-0.0.8-1 Released with Windows

CCIDE helps developers create more readable programs by enabling embedded C Language decision tables.
With release, CCIDE now works on Windows98, Cygwin,
Linux and virtually all Unix platforms. CCIDE may also work on other Windows environments, but this has not been tested, yet.

You can test out your own decision tables at the CCIDE
demo, linked at the CCIDE home page,

Posted by Tom Young 2004-08-28

Ccide works on all SourceForge Environments.

Fixed bugs affecting only Solaris environments. Cleaned up
a few compile warning messages. Added DISPLAY macro
to help debugging. Coordinated 0.0.7 with CVS -r 7.0

Posted by Tom Young 2004-08-21


Replaced '//AC TIONS:' statement with the more readable
"//_________" statement.

Added new (-x) option to add a rule to a table.

Posted by Tom Young 2004-08-20

ccide-0.0.5-1 Fast State Machines.

Efficient, readable, finite state machine definitions, now with

New options to -s)Generate a skeleton(example) program;
-u)Undo code generation -- recreate the input file.
-l,-b)Control output timestamping.

Posted by Tom Young 2004-08-18

Ccide portability improves with ccide-0.0.2

Less than a week after its initial release comes a more portable
version, ccide-0.0.2. Some non-portable code (except for Solaris)
was fixed. DejaGNU is incorporated for rapid regression testing.
Autoconf was overhauled and ccide-0.0.2 ran successfully on
all SourceForge servers except Solaris.

If you are developing C/C++, you need to try ccide.

Posted by Tom Young 2004-08-08

C Language Decision Table Code Generator -- Initial Release

The CCIDE project is pleased to announce the initial release of
ccide-0.0.1.tag.gz, in source form. ccide reads a C (or C++) language source file containing embedded decision tables and creates a new source file with expanded source statements. ccide is known to well on Linux RH9, and should work well on other platforms.

Developers and document authors are encouraged to sign on to
this project. ccide needs globalization and porting to a wide
variety of environments. Help stomp out logic errors!

Posted by Tom Young 2004-07-31