#2 Preferences only work when run as root


I'm running on a 64-bit Gentoo system with KDE 4.0.3 and Qt 4.3.3.

QTM asks if I want to set the settings for my blog. If I choose no I go into the main GUI. If I choose Yes, nothing happens. The application does not terminate but I don't get a preferences window either.

If I chose 'No' at startup and select Preferences from the main interface, the interface of QTM freezes and I don't get the Preference window.

If I run the program as root user, it works fine. However, running a program like this with root privileges might be a bit overkill.


  • M. J. Smith

    M. J. Smith - 2008-05-10

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    I've just retested this feature (by deleting my own preferences) and it works for me in both the situations you describe. What Qt 4 theme are you using? I have had problems with dialogs and message boxes taking ages to open while using the Cleanlooks theme, making the application appear to have hung. Try another Qt 4 theme (through the qtconfig application).

    However, I've tried it in versions 4.3.4 and 4.4.0 of Qt, with Cleanlooks, and it doesn't hang in either situation.

  • M. J. Smith

    M. J. Smith - 2008-05-10
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