#1 OutOfMemoryError for large file copy operations


For some reason HFSExplorer runs out of memory in certain situations. It seems like there is a memory leak (some part of the program keeping references to data), or possibly a circular link situation (though that should have been taken care of).
Quick fix: Increase the memory ceiling for HFSExplorer (won't help in the case of circular link traversal).
Proper fix: Evaluate the allocation hot spots.

According to webbeddotpete at gmaildotcom, garbage collection doesn't clear any memory after such an OutOfMemoryError... meaning that some part of the program must collect references to previous allocations improperly.


  • Erik Larsson

    Erik Larsson - 2009-05-29

    The original problem report by pete:

    I'm extracting an entire 500G drive of files, many of them large (1G or more). No
    surprise that it takes a while ;)

    Sad news: there's some kind of memory leak in HFSexplorer. It takes several
    thousand files before it completely dies (an out of memory error, and even
    cancelling or reloading the image doesn't help. Nor does the "run GC" button.
    Must exit and restart.)

    If I leave the memory monitor open, what I see is steady growth in memory
    used. The *only* thing that appears to reset memory use is to close the app. GC
    doesn't help at all. While extracting at a rate of 10MB/sec, HFSe's memory use
    seems to grow at about 10-20MB per hour. It starts at around 20-25MB, and the
    limit is 66MB. So I get about 2-3 hours of extraction before I have to cancel what
    is happening, close the app and fire it up again.

  • Erik Larsson

    Erik Larsson - 2009-05-29
    • assigned_to: nobody --> mechie
  • Anonymous - 2015-05-20

    fixed it :)

    Last edit: Anonymous 2015-05-25

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