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Ciclope Astro / News: Recent posts

Ciclope Astro 1.6.1 released

New option to allow the user to delete his account
- Made through a confirmation e-mail
- "Delete account" button is inside the "My Profile" panel
- A reason for the account cancelation can be specified

Changes to reservations panel
- Rearranged panels to avoid blank spaces, now it looks better.
- Fixed error that caused hour listboxes to show as disabled at panel load if the option to only allow reservations for the same day was active.... read more

Posted by Alejandro Jiménez Salmerón 2010-01-15

Ciclope Astro 1.6 released

Changes since 1.5:

Reservations and Community modules update:

- Changed the reservations panel, now each day can have a different timetable with several open and close times.
- Changed reservations panel calendar to show in green the days that the observatory is open and in red the days that its closed.
- Added administrator panel to set the default timetable for the week.
- Added administrator panel to set timetable exceptions, to allow specific days with different open and close times.
- Added administrator options to set the number of daily minutes of reservations allowed per user and whether or not we restrict the users to make reservations just in the present day.
- Changed Community panel to show more statistics of each user.
- Changed Community panel table to be sortable by any column.
- Added tooltips to the statistics when hovering with the mouse with more detailed numbers.... read more

Posted by Alejandro Jiménez Salmerón 2009-12-15

Ciclope Astro 1.5 released

Changes since 1.4:

- Updated INSTALL instructions to show all the currently used libraries.

Wiki fixes.
- Fixed some sidebar buttons linking directly to the server instead of ""
- Removed "ParserFunctions" extension, as it was causing errors with pages with special characters in the titles.
- Lifted the php memory limit from 20M to 60M to avoid memory errors while editing pages.... read more

Posted by Alejandro Jiménez Salmerón 2009-10-26