Cassandre / News: Recent posts

New version, V0.24

- new building system with autotools
- added En Passant moves
- added perft tests
- better play
Some bug fixes (thanks to Alex Schmidt again!)
- fixed a PV display bug in UCI mode
- fixed a castling bug
- fixed a move ordering bug

Posted by Jean-Francois Romang 2003-04-21

New version, V0.23

* Fixed a scoring bug, no more resigns with a won postion (thanks to Alex Schmidt)
* Added time controls in xboard mode
* Better play ; added iterative deeping/quiescence

Posted by Jean-Francois Romang 2003-04-07

New version, V0.22

New features :
*Removed some bugs
*Updated engine name
*Now UCI compatible !
*Better opening playing

Posted by Jean-Francois Romang 2003-03-27

Cassandre is online

This is the first public release of Cassandre. A fully working beta version shoud be avaible soon !

Posted by Jean-Francois Romang 2003-03-15