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sep 01, 2003 : almost ready

The code is almost ready and we need some early testers. Drop me a mail if you are interested.

Posted by Sujee Maniyam 2003-09-02

jan 20, 2003 : GUI changes

The Java swing gui we have right now, looks clunky. I am thinking of building on top of eclipse (http://www.eclipse.org). Reasons are
- eclipse is slick & fast
- the framework offers a lot of extra stuff (docking / child windows / views..)
- would be great to play 304 while developing in eclipse (304 will be another perspective!) :-)

Posted by Sujee Maniyam 2003-01-27

Jan 10, 2003: Network layer restructuring

After running into rmi+firewall issue I am isolating network layer. This will help us plug other network stuff (like sockets / webservices..). Before everything was tied to RMI (bad design!).

This has been an interesting + educational restructuring. more on this later.

Posted by Sujee Maniyam 2003-01-27

Dec 1, 2002 : firewall issues

Dec 1, 2002:
The RMI code doesn't work when both client & server are behind firewall. Need to rework the network layer.

Posted by Sujee Maniyam 2003-01-27