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capturedit-0.4 for windows released

Fixed - Black bar on top and left sides of captures
Fixed - New JRE compatibility issues

Posted by floorplant 2013-10-15

capturedit-0.3 for windows released

-Edit mode - click edit after selecting an area
-File save - click save after selecting an area
-Moving the selected area with the arrow keys, alt-arrow to shrink and shift-arrow to grow.
-Duplicate capture - Control-Shift-D
-Configurable properties - C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\
-Smart button placement - buttons are always placed near to where your selection completed.

Posted by floorplant 2008-10-12

capturedit-0.2 for windows released

WHAT'S NEW in 0.2
-improved error handling
-new button skins
-exe wrapper for windows
-splash screen

Posted by floorplant 2007-05-10

capturedit-0.1.1 for windows released

enabled cntrl-shift-c windows hotkey for capture mode and more properly packaged. 1.5 jre required.

Posted by floorplant 2007-03-18

capturedit-0.1 for windows released

Windows only release with selection and capture to clipboard functionality.

Posted by floorplant 2007-03-15