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CAP: Version 1.0.10 released

Version 1.0.10 released with some minor improvements and bugfixes.

Posted by Johannes Schneider 2005-01-15

CAP: Version 1.0.7 released

With only some small fixes and new features...

Posted by Johannes Schneider 2005-01-11

CAP: Version 1.0.5 released

Yeah - CAP finally has been released in Version 1.0.5. It has improved features (new cycle-detection) and should now work on all eclipse versions sind 3.0 running under JDK 1.4+

Url for Update-Manager:

Posted by Johannes Schneider 2005-01-05

CAP: Version 0.9.9 repackaged

Some of you had problems with the last release.
This happend, because I compiled the plugin for the JDK 1.5.
The plugin is now recompiled with code level set to 1.4 - so it should work fine with everybody running eclipse with JDK 1.4.

I created one big ZIP-file with all needed plugins now. So you don't have to resolv dependencies manually anymore...
Hope this helps ;)

Posted by Johannes Schneider 2005-01-04

CAP: Version 0.9.9 (1.0RC1) released

Release Candidate 1 / Version 0.9.9 of CAP is released. Most important change: The graphs are displayed correctly under Linux now.

Posted by Johannes Schneider 2005-01-03

New Version released (0.9.4)

Some small changes:
- Classes that extends TestCase are excluded
- New-Analysis-Wizard: Automatically started when the CAP-perspective is opened

CAP (code analysis plugin) is an eclipse plugin (written in Java) that analysis your java project. It checks dependencies between the classes and packages and gives you a hint about the architecture, reusability and maintainability. ("JDepend 2")

Posted by Johannes Schneider 2004-12-28

Source code available via CVS

The source code of the Code Analysis Plugin is now available via CVS.
It has been moved to the sourceforge cvs repository today...

Posted by Johannes Schneider 2004-11-29

CAP: Version 0.9.2 released

The Code Analysis Plugin has been released in version 0.9.2.
CAP is a plugin for the Eclipse platform, that helps you to analyse the architecture of your java projects.

Posted by Johannes Schneider 2004-11-27