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Canorus 0.7.2 rc1 released


We just released the first release candidate for 0.7.2
First sorry for skipping 0.7.1 but the number of important features were to high for justifying a 0.7.1 release (AKA LAC 2015 Release).

The major changes are
- Speed improvements
- Qt5 exmperimental support
- Ruler to show the bar number on top of the score view
- Python 3.x is now supported and required
- Basic MusicXML export
- MIDI pitch offset property for voice
- Improved Lilypond export
- Bug fixes... read more

Posted by Reinhard Katzmann 2015-04-11

Canorus 0.7.1rc1 published

After a long time the Canorus team is glad to announce the first release candidate of 0.7.1 with a long list of new features, bug fixes and other changes.

Call to translators:
If you wish to have your translation included please send it to either one of the mailing list or add it as feature request.

Posted by Reinhard Katzmann 2013-04-21

Allura move finished

Canorus project page was succesfully moved to Allura. I (suamor) have a backup of the old project page just in case any problem should occur.

Posted by Reinhard Katzmann 2013-04-21

Canorus project engages new developers

Canorus - The free music score editor - is a program for editing scores, extensible with many import/export formats and scripts or plugins. We are searching you as a new developer especially for

- Creating new scripts or plugins based on our or your ideas

- Import/Export for formats like abc (both), noteedit (import), musixtex (export), pmx (both) and more

- Introduction of contemporary music edition features like microtonal music input... read more

Posted by Reinhard Katzmann 2011-10-30

Bugs moved to Sourceforge

The Bug tracking was moved to Sourceforge. I only moved open bugs and
the bugs that can be reproduced in some way.

I've added comments to all the bugs I have not moved why we cannot
reproduce the problem.

From now on please use the bug tracking on Sourceforge:

The bug tracking on Berlios will be shut down on the next weekend.
New bugs will no longer be accepted on Berlios (silently closed).

Posted by Reinhard Katzmann 2011-10-28

Canorus 0.7 migrated to SourceForge

Canorus version 0.7 was migrated to SourceForge.

Canorus team is proud to announce immediate release of Canorus version 0.7.

Release 0.6 was skipped for various stability and timing issues.

- Added support for printing and preview of score using LilyPond backend.
- Added integrated Midi recorder.
- Added resources storage inside the document.
- Added User's guide.
- Added transposition support.
- GUI improvements:
- Anti-aliasing in score view.
- Music fonts loaded in runtime.
- Show note name when inserting notes.
- Integrated User's guide browser.
- Copy&Paste rewritten and now supports copying complete voices and staffs.
- Import/Export improvements:
- Basic MusicXml import
- Basic Midi import
- LilyPond now exports partial measure, uptext, downtext and rehersal marks
- New export filters to PDF and SVG based on LilyPond
- Plugin improvements:
- setSelection() and selection added to scripting engine.
- rebuildUi() and repaintUi() added to scripting engine.
- Added separator action for menus.
- Model improvements:
- Added color property to music element.
- Added facilities for calculating intervals from/to music pitches and key
- Redesigned key signature, diatonic key and diatonic pitch.
- Redesigned playable length and absolute length.
- Shipped Python 2.5 on Microsoft Windows.
- Support for Qt4.4.
- Official support for Mac OS X.
- Available translations:
- English
- German
- Slovenian
- Norwegian
- Hebrew

Posted by Matevž Jekovec 2011-10-23

Project help wanted

I just created a recruitment add for Canorus. Not all might know that this is the successor to NoteEdit. We are the project team of NoteEdit as well and recently released it's 2.8.1 version. From now on we will concentrate on the Canorus project.

If you are interested what we do just take a look at the Canorus wiki:

The skills required are listed in the recruitment ad:... read more

Posted by Reinhard Katzmann 2006-08-16

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