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I'm new to CAMSTUDIO, Downloaded camstudio files first.

Q, Do the downloads have to be run in a particular order? (I'm not sure technicaly what CODECS are???) OK. It doesn't say in what order to run them!

I'd logicaly think that, the program has to be created first, before you one can install the added bits (the codecs).
HOWEVER... All of the above is of no use, if the file downloaded - DOES NOT CONTAIN THE FILE IT SAYS TO RUN!

re - codecs - to install (taken from the text file included in the download on how to install the codec... SAYS) - QUOTE -

To install this codec, right click on the file camcodec.inf and select install.

(I am shouting now). THERE IS NO camcodec.inf FILE!


I decided to proceed without the install codec phase, just leaving the download in the same folder next to the camstudio main program. (yes, I did download and replace the codec file, with same result of no inf file)!

Also, displayed all files in list mode.. I'm not that stupid, THE "INF" FILE IS NOT THERE!

Run the CamStudio - works fine when recording microphone, but will not record from speakers, auto search fails, manual search in audio options for speakers is successful on several lines, yet camstudio will NOT record speakers.

(and yep, I do have a video playing), I am trying to record audio and visual in IE, (also tried recording vids that are playing in win media player, but get visual only - NO SOUND..

So, I assume codecs is something to do with recording the sound from the speakers. I've tried all the lines, altered and returned lots of settings for my only sound card, making test videos in camstudio every time - without success.

all my other programs work fine, eg, wavepad will record whatever I select no problem, so I don't think I have any faults with my sound devices & software.

Re - a reply email from unknown sender, I have tried MCI commands and every variation on soundcard setup I can think of. And yessss... my soundcard must be able to simultaneously record and playback, since I use it with Skype & WavePad together to record telephone conversations. (headset microphone, recording both sides of the conversation)!

Any more suggestions? Please email andy@woyen1963.karoo.co.uk I'll be back...