#4 retrieving AVI from mcixx.tmp


Dear Sir,

I have been using Camstudio to record an important working session on MSN conference.

But unfortunately my computer went down close to the end of the recording.

As the program was stopped before AVI file creation, I have only a few files that were created at that time on the temp directory.

The largest one (roughly 1 G) is named mci52.tmp and seems to be the Camstudio file.

A few others files ~DFXXXX.tmp were created at roughly the same time, but their sizes are either 16KB or 1856 KB.

I tried to rename the mci file as mci.avi and to play it on different players, without success.

I tried also to fix it using Avifixed, but it replies: file format unknown.

Virtualdub cannot open this file.

I submitted the mci52.tmp file to a format analyzer (Trid) that replied:
TrID/32 - File Identifier v2.02 - (C) 2003-06 By M.Pontello
Definitions found: 2400

Collecting data from file: e:\e\mci52.tmp
91.3% (.SPU) Spectrum 512 bitmap (160000/1)
2.2% (.GRA) OpenGL object (4003/2)
1.1% (.WK*) Lotus 123 Worksheet (generic) (2005/4)
0.7% (.HSC) HSC music composer song (1267/141)
0.6% (.GMC) Game Music Creator Music (1130/43)

I modified the mcixxx.tmp file extension to .spu but neither Xnview nor Graphics converter pro v6 can open the file.

Checking the Camstudio process I noticed that:

1) it creates a ~DFXXX.tmp at start (688KB : OLE2 multistream compound file
2) When recording starts, it creates a mcixxx.tmp file, that keeps growing with the data being recorded.

3) -When the recording is stopped, Camstudio suppresses mcixxx.tmp file after producing a ~temp.avi and a ~temp001.wav file in the Camstudio directory (these files can be played)

4) Then a Compression audio phase starts:The final avi file (audio+video) is being created.

5)At the end ~temp/avi and ~temp001.wav are deleted.

6) ~DFXXX.tmp remains until camstudio is closed.

From this, I guess that the job that I need to do is to find a way to extract avi and wav files from the micxxx.tmp.

(I submitted the case to the forum, but the advices I received assumed my tmp file was avi format, so it does not work)

Could you please give me some suggestions on any possible ways to retrieve AVI from mcixxx.tmp?

Many thanks for your help.



  • S Groesz
    S Groesz

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    Thank you for the VERY thorough analysis of your problem! I am not involved with the development of the program, so my help may be limited. If you understand anything at all about programming, you might try to look at the source code to determine how the tmp file may be assembled during recording. It may well be that the temp file doesn't resemble either wav or .avi, but is somehow a raw dump of the video and audio data. In the future, it may be a good idea to update the program to output directly to AVI and WAV separately, or even MPG, which is a more popular format, IMO.

    I can understand how having a computer crash during a recording can be frustrating, as sometimes a lot of work can go into making a recording! I'm almost tempted to move this to the feature request section...


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